Famous, book 8 in the Quantum Series, is a USA Today bestseller hitting the list at no. 48. Famous is the series finale and tells Marlowe’s story.
“A stunning conclusion to a breathtaking series.”
Outrageous, Book 7 in the Quantum Series, published as Unfassbar in German, is the no. 9 book on the Bild-Bestseller list (9/26/2019). 
Deceived by Desire

Deceived by Desire, book 2 in the Gilded Seriesis a USA Today bestseller, coming in at no. 22, and a Wall Street Journal bestseller, landing at no.144 on the ebook list.

This second book in Marie’s Gilded Series is an exciting journey through the historical past of her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. For years, she has wanted to write about Newport’s storied Gilded Age history and the glorious summer “cottages” that are managed today by the Preservation Society of Newport County. Visit to the society’s website at newportmansions.org to experience the grandeur for yourself. Marie loves all the amazing houses, but The Breakers is her favorite. Several of the houses referred to in this book were given fictional names, such as the Nelson and Russell homes, which didn’t actually exist. Read about Marie’s family history in Newport this newsletter.

“Full of flashy wealth and drama…Aubrey and Maeve have great chemistry, the friendships are strong, and the romance is passionate and well developed.”– Publishers Weekly

The Aug. 6, 2019, release of  One Year Home, the follow up to Five Years Gone, is a USA Today bestseller, coming in at no. 22, and a Wall Street Journal bestsller, landing at no. 8 on the ebook list.

One Year Home follows the story of Capt. John West after he returns home a hero but has lost the love of his life. 

“Simply put: One Year Home made my heart happy. Through all of the ups and downs, angst and darkness, unexpected love and insurmountable odds, this powerful novel pulled at my heartstrings and left me breathless.” A Top Pick from Sara at Harlequin Junkie

Marie’s June 18, 2019 release of Till There Was You, book 4 in the Butler, Vermont Series, is a USA Today bestseller, coming in at no. 22, and a Wall Street Journal bestsller, landing at no. 6 on the ebook list.

Till There Was You is the story of Lucas, twin brother of Landon, in the Abbott family. Lucas and his twin grew up sharing everything—including a reputation for funny, idiotic behavior. Lucas is ready to shed that lovable-idiot image, grow up and take a chance on a real, adult relationship with Danielle, who has relocated with her young daughter Savannah to Butler to interview for a job at the Abbott family’s Green Mountain Country Store. 

From Publisher’s Marketplace:

Marie Force’s untitled book, in which the Cuban-Italian widow of a police officer beginning her first job at a Miami hospital is assigned to “baby-sit” the hospital’s new hot-shot neurologist, whose career is on the line after a scandal at his previous job took the shine off his sterling reputation, to Alison Dasho at Montlake Romance, for publication in 2020. Marie said, “I started this book more than ten years ago, and I can’t wait to get back to work on it!”

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“What’s with the weepy chick in the corner?” Owen asked as they set their guitars into stands.

“No clue.”

“Doesn’t look like she’s here with anyone.”

Evan looked over at her again, noting that she continued to stare off into space as if she had no clue she was in the midst of a bar full of people having fun.

“We’re not under any obligation here, are we?” Owen asked warily, eyeing the table full of friendly women.

“You’re not, that’s for sure.”

“Dude, just because your folks own the place—”


Confused, Owen stared at him. “Huh?”

“What would Big Mac do?” Evan asked, knowing the answer to his question before he asked it.

Wincing, Owen said, “Bring a gun to a knife fight, why doncha?” He accepted a couple of beers from a waitress and handed one to Evan.

“I could ignore it and go about my life, but his voice would be in my head, ruining whatever fun I might be trying to have,” Evan said. “He’d be saying, ‘How could you leave that gal crying all alone, son? Especially when she’s a guest at our place? That’s not the kind of man I raised you to be.’”

Owen busted up laughing. “Jesus, you sound just like him.”

“Years of intensive training, my friend.” Evan took another look at the young woman, confirming she was still there and still miserable. With a resigned sigh, he said, “Wish me luck.”

Owen touched his bottle to Evan’s. “Go get her, tiger. I’ll entertain the other ladies for both of us.”

“Gee, you’re a pal.” Like a condemned man heading to the gallows, Evan started toward the corner table. As he passed the perky blonde, he sent his regrets with a shrug and a rueful grin. Would’ve been fun. He approached the corner table and plopped down, startling the crying woman. “Now tell me this—what in the world could’ve ruined such a great night for such a pretty lady?”

- He gave her a hand when she needed it. Can he give her forever? Evan & Grace are HOPING FOR LOVE in this Gansett Island series novel. Dive in this read today: marieforce.com/hopingforlove/
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