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The Gansett Island Series

Set on a fictional version of Marie’s beloved Block Island, RI, the Gansett Island is Marie’s marquee series with more than 2.5 million copies of the books sold since Maid for Love debuted in 2011. Readers come back book after book to catch up with their favorite characters while enjoying a new romance in every book. Get ready to share in the life of the McCarthy family as well as their many island friends in this much-loved sexy romance series.

Book 1: Maid for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 2: Fool for Love: Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 3: Ready for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  iTunes

Book 4: Falling for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 5: Hoping for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  | iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 6: Season for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD
If you missed the Epilogue wedding scene in the original audio files, click here to listen.

Book 7: Longing for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 8: Waiting for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Google

Book 9: Time for Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |    Google |  Libro

Book 10: Meant for Love: Amazon  |  Google |  Libro

Book 10.5: Chance for Love (Novella) Listen to a sample |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Google

Book 11: Gansett After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla

Book 12: Kisses After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla |  Google |  Libro

Book 13: Love After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla

Book 14: Celebration After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Google |  Libro

Book 15: Desire After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Google

Book 16: Light After Dark: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Google |  Libro

Gansett Island Episodes, Episode 1: Victoria & Shannon Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla

Gansett Island Episodes, Episode 2: Kevin & Chelsea Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  | Libro

Book 19: Mine After Dark Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla |  Google

Book 20: Yours After Dark  Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 21: Trouble After Dark  Listen to a Sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 22: Rescue After Dark  Listen to a Sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 23 Blackout After Dark Listen to a Sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes |  Kobo |  Google

Book 24: Temptation After Dark  Audible  |  Amazon  |  iTunes


The Quantum Series

The Quantum Series marks Marie’s first foray into erotic romance. In this series, she writes about celebrities working and playing in New York, Los Angeles and other locations around the world while pursing their passion for dominant sexual relationships. Join the principals of the Quantum production company as each of them meets their match in life and love!

Book 1: Virtuous: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |   Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 2: Valorous: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  | Google  |  Libro

Book 3: Victorious: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes   |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Libro

Book 4: Rapturous: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 5: Ravenous: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 6: Delirious: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 7: Outrageous: Listen to a sample Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 8: Famous: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

The Miami Water Series

Check out Marie’s newest series coming in August 2020!

Book 1: How Much I Feel: coming soon

Book 2: How Much I Care:  Audio Sample  Amazon  |  iTunes  | Libro

Book 3: How Much I Love:  Audible  |  Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Google  |  Libro

The Treading Water Series

The series that started Marie’s career as an author in 2004-2005, The Treading Water series contains her first three books: Treading Water, Marking Time and Starting Over as well as Coming Home, a book her readers asked her to write to finish a story begun in Marking Time. Find out more about the impact Treading Water has had on Marie’s career and how she named her company for Jack, her architect in Treading Water.

Book 1: Treading Water: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 2: Marking Time: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Kobo  |  Libro

Book 3: Starting Over: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 4: Coming Home: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 5: Finding Forever:  Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Google  |  Libro

The First Family Series

TSam and Nick’s journey continues with a change of address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the the First Family Series, a continuation of their story that began with the Fatal Series.  All the things you love best about the Fatal Series will be coming with us into the new First Family Series, only there’ll be some added focus on Nick’s job (not too much—I promise) in addition to Sam’s job, which she’ll continue, despite an enormous uproar. There’ll be glamour and international intrigue and all sorts of amazing things to come All the characters you love in the Fatal Series will remain on the landscape, albeit some of them in new and different roles, but everyone will remain present.

Book 1: State of Affairs:  Listen to a Sample  |  Audible  |  Amazon  |  Kobo  |  Google  |  Hoopla  |  Libro  | iTunes  |  Audio CD at Barnes & Noble  |  Audio CD at Amazon

Book 2: State of Grace: Audible  |  Amazon

The Fatal Series

Thank you for your interest in the Fatal Series! I first began writing Sam and Nick’s story way back in 2007 when I read about a congressman who’d been found dead in his Washington, D.C.-area home. At first, his death was investigated as a possible crime but it was later determined he died of natural causes. I wondered… If he had been murdered, who would’ve had jurisdiction over the case? That question led to Sam and Nick and the rest… Well, there’s no end in sight for our favorite D.C. homicide detective and her politician husband. I hope you enjoy Sam and Nick’s wild ride as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Prequel Novella: One Night With You: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |   Audible  |  iTunes

Book 1: Fatal Affair: Listen to a sample  |  Audio CD

Book 2: Fatal Justice: Listen to a sample  |  Audio CD

Book 3: Fatal Consequences: Listen to a sample  |  Audio CD

Book 3.5: Fatal Destiny: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 4: Fatal Flaw: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes

Book 5: Fatal Deception: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 6: Fatal Mistake: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD

Book 7: Fatal Jeopardy: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |   Audible  |  iTunes

Book 8: Fatal Scandal: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |   Audible  |  iTunes

Book 9: Fatal Frenzy: Amazon  |  Audio CD  |  Libro

Book 10: Fatal Identity: Amazon  |   Audio CD  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 11: Fatal Threat: Amazon |  Audio CD  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 12: Fatal Chaos:  Google  |  Libro

Book 13: Fatal Invasion:  Audio CD  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 14: Fatal Reckoning: Libro

Book 15: Fatal Accusation:  Audio CD  |  Google  |  Libro

Book 16: Fatal Fraud: Listen to a sample  |  Audible  |  Amazon  |  Audio CD  |  Google  |  Libro

The Green Mountain and Butler, Vermont Series

Welcome to Vermont and the Green Mountain and Butler Series, featuring the Abbott family, proprietors of the Green Mountain Country Store. This series was inspired by a story I saw on the NBC News about the real-life Vermont Country Store and the Orton family that owns it. I was fascinated by the story of a modern-day family running an old-fashioned country store in the mountains of Vermont. After a memorable weekend in Vermont in which I visited both of the stores locations—and managed to spend too much money at both stops—I was hooked on the idea. I went home and wrote the first three chapters of All You Need Is Love, which was released in February 2014. Since then, the Abbott/Stillman/Coleman clan has stolen the hearts of readers, and Fred the Moose has earned himself a cult following.

The indie-published Butler, Vermont Series is a continuation of the Green Mountain Series with all the things you loved best about that series—Fred the Moose, the boisterous Abbott family, the beautiful Vermont mountain landscape and the sexy romances that set your heart to racing. Catch up with the series by reading the Green Mountain Series and then come along on the next phase of the story with the all new Butler, Vermont Series!

The Green Mountain Series

Book 1: All You Need Is Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |   iTunes  |  Audio CD   |  Kobo  |  Libro 

Book 2: I Want to Hold Your Hand: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |   iTunes  |  Audio CD  |  Kobo   |  Libro 

Book 3: I Saw Her Standing There: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |   iTunes  |  Audio CD   |  Libro 

Book 4: And I Love Her: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Kobo   |  Libro 

Wedding Novella: You’ll Be Mine: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible

Book 5: It’s Only Love: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  iTunes  |  Audio CD  |  Kobo   |  Libro 

Book 6: Ain’t She Sweet: Amazon  |  Audible  |   iTunes | Audio CD  |  Hoopla   |  Kobo   |  Google   |  Libro 

The Butler, Vermont Series

Book 1: Every Little Thing: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Kobo   |  Libro 

Book 2: Can’t Buy Me Love: Listen to a sample | Amazon  | Audible |  Hoopla   |  Kobo   |  Libro 

Book 3: Here Comes the Sun: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla   |  Kobo   |  Google   |  Libro 

Book 4: Till There Was You:  Listen to a Sample  |  Amazon  | Audible  |  Hoopla   |  Kobo   |  Google   |  Libro 

Book 5: All My Loving:  Listen to a Sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla   |  Google   |  Libro 

Book 6: Let It BeAmazon  |  iTunes |  Kobo   |  Google   |  Libro 

Book 7: Come Together: Listen to a Sample  |  Audible  |  Amazon  |  iTunes

Gilded Series

Take a step back in time to the early 20th Century with Marie’s Gilded Series, historical romances set in 1902-1903. 

Book 1 Duchess by Deception:  Listen to a sample  |  Audible  |  Amazon  |  iTunes

Book 2: Deceived by Desire: Audible  |  Amazon  | iTunes

Single Titles

Enjoy these sexy contemporary romances that readers rank among their favorites of Marie’s books!

These books are not part of a series.

Five Years Gone:  Listen to a sample  |  Audible  |  Amazon  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

One Year Home:  Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Libro

Sex Machine: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Libro

Sex God: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Google  |  Libro

The Wreck: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |   Audible  | Kobo  |   Google  |  Libro

True North: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |   Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |   Google  |  Libro

Georgia on My Mind: Amazon  |   Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Google  |  Libro

The Fall: Amazon  |  Hoopla  |  Google

Line of Scrimmage:  Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  Hoopla  |   Google  |  Libro

Everyone Loves a Hero: Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |  Kobo  |  Google  |   Libro

Love at First Flight:  Listen to a sample  |  Amazon  |  Audible  |  Hoopla  |   Google


Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 

~ Calvin Coolidge

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