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The First Family Series

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The idea for the First Family Series came to Marie as she was writing Fatal Fraud, after Nick announced he wasn’t going to run in the next election. Marie thought, what if he made that decision public, and then Nelson dropped dead? He’d be inheriting a job he just told the world he didn’t want. Not to mention the implications for Sam and their children, and holy moly, Marie so excited to write the First Family Series! State of Affairs, Book 1 in the series, picks up one second after Nick gets the phone call from the White House chief of staff letting him know the boss is dead and will follow the Cappuanos through this enormous transition from second family to first family.

All the things you love best about the Fatal Series will be coming with us into the new First Family Series, only there’ll be some added focus on Nick’s job (not too much) in addition to Sam’s job, which she’ll continue, despite an enormous uproar. There’ll be glamour and international intrigue and all sorts of amazing things to come, beginning with State of Affairs, available now. 

All the characters you love in the Fatal Series will remain on the landscape, albeit some of them in new and different roles, but everyone will remain present. 

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The First Family Series

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