This was written years ago by Marie, before Scotty was on scene…. Enjoy.

Sam & Nick’s First Valentine’s Day as Senator & Mrs. Cappuano

“It has to be absolutely perfect,” Sam said to her sister Tracy. “He’s always doing incredible stuff for me, and I need to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for him.”

“Make reservations at that Italian place where you had your rehearsal dinner. He loves that place.”

“Then what?”

“Buy him a fancy watch and then bring him home and have your way with him.”

Dejected, Sam slumped into a chair in her father’s living room. “That’s not a bad idea. It’s just. . . it’s not. . . special.” And she hardly had time to get her husband Nick a fancy watch with only a couple of hours to spare. “He would do something way better. I need to think of something that would be up to his standards.”

“Why does it have to be up to his standards?” Sam’s stepmother Celia asked. “Why can’t it just be you and him and a nice dinner at home? Get some candles, some champagne, a naughty nightie. What else does a man in love need from his wife on Valentine’s Day?”

“Did she just say ‘naughty nightie’?” Sam asked her sister who descended into giggles.

“I believe she did.”

Celia blushed furiously at their teasing.

“What’re you doing for your anniversary?” Sam asked Celia. She’d married their dad Skip a year ago in what Sam and her sisters still referred to as the Valentine’s Day massacre due to the over-the-top decorations.

“We’re going out to a nice dinner. Your father made all the plans and told me to be ready at six.”

“So you’re telling me that my father, who’s a quadriplegic, was able to plan a romantic evening for his spouse and I’m sitting here dithering over details?” Sam said.

“You said it, not me,” Celia replied with a smirk.

“I might’ve helped Dad make a phone call or two,” Tracy confessed.

“Hush,” Celia said, patting Tracy’s knee. “I like to think he did it himself.”

“It was all his idea,” Tracy said.

“Which is what really matters,” Celia said with a pointed look for Sam.

“All right, all right. Dinner at home it is. I still think I could do better, though.” She withdrew her phone from her pocket to send Nick a text. “Can you be home by 7?”

“For what?” he fired back.

“Because your wife wants you to be.”

“Whatever my wife wants, she gets. You know that by now. BTW, we have reservations at 8.”

“Cancel them.”

“Then what’ll we do for Valentine’s Day???”

“You’ll see.”

“Did you make PLANS?”


“You’re freaking me out Samantha. Are you having an affair?”

“Very funny. Don’t be late.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Excited now, Sam jumped up and kissed her stepmother and sister. “Thanks for the help.

Hope you guys have a great night.”

“You, too, honey,” Celia said.

“Happy anniversary. Tell Dad, too.”

“I will.”

“Good luck,” Tracy called.

As Sam bolted down the ramp in front of her father’s house, she found the number for Trattoria Alberto, her husband’s favorite Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill where they’d had their rehearsal dinner nearly a year ago. Calling in the take-out order, she acknowledged that she might be making an unusual effort at romance, but no way was she cooking.

A girl had her limits, and that was hers.


Two hours later, she was ready. The food was heating in the oven, and champagne was chilling in an ice bucket. She’d showered, shaved her legs, dried her hair, dressed in the sexiest, underwear she owned and donned a silky, slinky black dress that Nick had never seen before. She wore her hair loose and curly the way he liked it, and slipped on the engagement ring she only wore on special occasions. Completing the outfit were the new sky-high black Jimmy Choos her darling husband had bought her to replace the ones her psycho ex-friend Melissa had chopped to pieces.

Finally, Sam made an iPod mix of some of her favorite schmoopy love songs, placing an emphasis on Bon Jovi.

When everything was ready, she started the music and realized she was nervous. This was so not her thing. This was Nick’s thing. She really had no business even attempting this. No doubt it would be a disaster of epic proportions. With that in mind, she went into the kitchen to check the spaghetti carbonara he loved for the fiftieth time since she put it in to warm. Like the other forty-nine times, it was fine.

“You’re a mess,” she said, reaching for the fortifying glass of white wine she’d poured earlier. “Maybe if you did this more often, you wouldn’t be such a wreck.” She pondered that thought for a moment. “Nah. Once a year is more than enough.”

The sound of his key in the door ten minutes later started her heart to racing. She reached up to touch the diamond key he’d given her for a wedding gift, hoping to capture some of the good luck it had brought her ever since.


“In here.” She leaned against the counter and struck a pose, wine glass in hand.

Tugging at his tie, he came into the kitchen and stopped short when he saw her. Apparently, she’d shocked him speechless and motionless.

Sam put down her glass and went over to him, pushing his hand away and finishing the job for him. She pulled the tie free of the collar on his starched white dress shirt and released his top two buttons, making sure her fingertips connected with his chest.

“Welcome home, dear,” she said in her best sultry tone. “How was your day?”

He hooked an arm around her. “Who are you and what’ve you done with my wife?”

“Oh ye of little faith.”

“Are you trying to tell me this new romantic Samantha has been in there all along?”

“I’ve been saving her for when I really needed her.”

“Why? What’ve you done now? Did you rearrange my desk again?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never touched your desk.”

“Not only are you gorgeous, but you’re also a terrible liar.”

Sam smiled up at him and tugged at his hair to bring him down for a kiss. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

“Same to you, babe.” His kiss was soft and sweet, a promise of delights to come. “I have something for you.”

“Where is it?”

“Find it.” His hazel eyes issued a dare, and Sam was never one to back down from a dare. Using her best cop skills she started the frisk with his broad shoulders, running her hands down over his splendid muscular chest under his suit coat and drawing a gasp from him when her thumbs found his nipples through his shirt.

His hands got busy on her back until she pushed them away to continue her exploration of his belly. “Hands off the officer, please.”

“Sam,” he said, sounding choked all of a sudden.

She let her fingers dance around to his back and then down to his very fine ass. “I’m not finding a single interesting thing,” she said as she squeezed his cheeks, drawing a groan from him. “Not one interesting thing.” She cupped his straining erection, exploring from bottom to top and then back down to cup his balls. As he pushed his cock into her hand and pulled her tight against him, Sam’s fingers brushed against something in his pants pocket.

She abandoned the first prize to check out the second, withdrawing a long, slim jeweler’s box from his pocket. “Ohhh, what is it?”

“Open it and find out,” he said, his voice strained as he continued to press himself against her. “And hurry up about it before I explode over here.”

Smiling at his distress, Sam flipped open the box and gasped when she revealed a diamond bracelet. “Oh, wow, Nick. Put it on for me.” She held out her arm and was gratified by the slight tremble in his usually steady hands as he attempted to clasp the bracelet.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it! It’s beautiful.”

When he had the bracelet on her arm, he pressed an open-mouth kiss to the pulse that throbbed in her wrist. “You’re beautiful, Samantha. You take my breath away.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Senator.” She dragged a finger from his chest over his belly and hooked it on his belt. “How about some champagne?”


“But. . . We have a plan.”

“Will it keep?”

She never could resist him when he looked at her that way, as if he’d never needed anything quite like he needed her. “Sure.” Taking his outstretched hand, she followed him upstairs. When he would’ve led her to their bedroom, she said, “Go up to the loft.”

He glanced at her over his shoulder. “Really?”

Sam nodded and directed him toward the second set of stairs.

At the top, he took in the sight and then looked at her, astounded. “Sam. . . Wow.”

She’d filled their secret Bora Bora hideaway with candles and added tiny, twinkling white lights to the palm trees he’d gotten when he set out to recreate their favorite beach from their honeymoon. The photos from their trip cycled through a photo frame mounted on the wall, and the blender was ready for frozen delights.

“I can’t believe you did all this and dinner, too,” he said, letting his suit coat drop to the floor in a most un-Nick-like move.

“I wanted to do something for you the way you’re always doing stuff for me. I tried to think of something original, but we had this great place up here and—”

He drew her in close to him. “And you knew there’s nowhere I’d rather be than home with you.”

“Well, actually Celia and Tracy knew that. They suggested dinner at home.”

“Good advice.” He nuzzled her neck, focusing on the spot that made her crazy. “My sweet girl. I love you so much. So damned much. I still ask myself every day what I ever did to get so lucky.”

“So do I.” She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders, sliding her hands slowly down his arms, going for maximum effect. As the shirt billowed to the floor, she tugged on his belt and got busy freeing him from his pants and boxers. When he surged into her hand, hard and ready, she dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Sam. . . What’re you doing? Oh…well, okay. . . Oh, Christ, that’s good.”

She gave him the ultra deluxe treatment, taking him deep, sucking hard and swirling her tongue in circles until his legs were trembling and his hands were fisted in her hair.
His hips surged, sending his cock deeper into her mouth.

She squeezed his ass, knowing the combination would finish him right off.

He came with a cry that thrilled her. Breaking his legendary control never got old.

She kissed her way up the front of him. By the time she reached his lips, he’d recovered somewhat.

With his fingers buried in her hair, he took her mouth with almost savage intent, his tongue flirting with hers as he pulled her dress up to her hips. He broke the kiss to tug the dress over her head and stepped back to take a good long look at the ultra sheer red bra and matching thong.

“I’m not sure which part of this Valentine’s Day surprise I like best,” he said, as his eyes took a long slow trip from her face to her breasts to her core and then up to focus on her lips.

“It’s a long way from over,” she said, taking his hand and leading him to the double lounge that she’d piled high with pillows.

He stretched out next to her and rested a hand on her hip.

She covered his hand with hers.

“You’re wearing your ring,” he said, bringing her left hand to his mouth for a kiss.

“I love that ring. You know I’d wear it every day if I worked anywhere but where I work.”

“I love seeing it on you.”

Sam made a mental note to wear it more often.

“Come closer.”

“I am close.”

He tugged on her. “You can get closer.”

She scooted over a few inches until she was right next to him.

“That’s better,” he said, bending his head to run his tongue over her nipple through the bra as he released the front clasp. He drove her mad licking and sucking and nuzzling her breasts. “Sam. . .”

“What?” she asked, combing her fingers through his silky hair and loving everything he did to her.

“I want you so bad. From the second I walked into the kitchen and saw you looking so stunning, I wanted. I just wanted.”

“What do you want, Nick? I’d give you anything.”

He moved quickly to remove her panties and was inside her before she could register his intent. “This,” he said with a satisfied sigh. “This is what I wanted.” For the longest time, he stayed perfectly still, buried deep inside her. “I keep thinking eventually I won’t need you so much, that surely this madness can’t continue.” He left a trail of soft kisses from her throat to her neck to her jaw to her lips. “But it just gets worse all the time.”

Thrilled by his words, she wrapped her legs around his hips, encouraging him to move.

He grasped her bottom and surged into her over and over and over again, until they reached an explosive finish together. “Samantha. . . I love you so much, and I always will.”

“Since I love you just as much, I’m counting on that.”

Raising his head, he found her eyes in the candlelight and touched his lips to hers. “Thanks for my Valentine’s Day surprise.”

“It could’ve been better—”

“No way. You can’t do this in a restaurant.” He pushed his hips hard against her to prove his point.

Laughing, Sam hugged him tightly, happy to have somehow managed to pull this off. Just as she had that thought, the smoke detector downstairs went off in a screeching blare that was deafening even two floors up.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said with a grin.

They dissolved into a fit of laughter before rushing downstairs to save their dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely readers!

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