Fatal Series Short Story

Cranky, hot and in bad need of a shower after a long day working a crime scene in the broiling sun, Metro PD Homicide Lieutenant Sam Holland tossed her handcuffs and badge on the bed she shared with her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano. The man himself happened to be stretched out on his side of the bed, fresh from the shower. He wore only a pair of gym shorts that left his extraordinarily beautiful man chest and washboard abs on full display, and the view of her smoking hot husband went a long way toward diffusing her bad mood.
While she dug the key to her bedside table out of her pocket, he reached for the cuffs and twirled them around on his index finger. “These bring back memories of the first week we were back together. Remember?”
“Of course I remember the first week we were back together, but I can’t seem to recall how the cuffs were involved.” Six years after a memorable one-night stand, finding him in the apartment of his murdered boss had been a lovely surprise during an otherwise dreadful day.
She used the key to open the drawer where she kept her service weapon, cuffs and badge when she was off duty. After stowing the badge and weapon, she held out her hand for the cuffs.
“Maybe we could keep these out for a while.”
“What for?”
“Let me refresh your memory… We were in the hospital after your crazy ex-husband tried to blow us up. I’m sure you remember how you were so concerned about me butting into your case, as a lowly civilian, that you handcuffed me to the hospital bed.”
Sam shifted her weight from one foot to the other as the memories of that insane day came rushing back to remind her of something he’d said as they left the hospital: “You owe me twenty-six minutes in handcuffs, and I fully intend to collect.”
He raised a brow that only made him sexier if that was even possible. “Is it coming back to you now?”
She looked away because she sucked at lying to him. “Vaguely.”
He laughed. “Liar. You know exactly what I’m talking about, and tonight would be an excellent night for me to settle the score with my sexy cop, seeing as our boy is spending the night with his grandparents, which means half the usual Secret Service contingent is also down the street.”
Their son, Scotty, had gone to Sam’s dad’s house to watch the latest Marvel video and planned to spend the night there.
Still twirling the cuffs around on his finger, he said, “Meet me in the loft at nine sharp. Don’t keep me waiting or I’ll have to add time to the clock. I’m already thinking of all the things we can do in twenty-six minutes…”
“Those cuffs are the official property of the MPD,” she said in her best cop voice, which did nothing to intimidate him.
“Shall I borrow a pair from the Secret Service? Of course then I’d probably have to tell them why I needed them…”
“Fine! Keep the cuffs! Have your fun.”
“Oh I intend to, my love. You can count on that.”


At precisely nine-oh-one p.m. Sam was naked and firmly shackled—with her own cuffs—to the frame of the double lounge in the loft that Nick had tricked out to remind them of their honeymoon spot in Bora Bora. They’d had some of their best nights up here, hidden away from the houseful of people that surrounded them these days. Most of the time she looked forward to being here with him. Tonight, she wasn’t sure what to expect, which was exactly what he wanted. The sexy bastard.
Speaking of the sexy bastard, he looked awfully pleased with himself as he stood over her, beautifully naked and fully aroused. And with him, fully aroused made quite a statement.
Sam licked her lips, which had gone dry while she waited to see what he’d do next. “Okay, so here I am. Start the clock.”
“Don’t be in such a rush. I want to enjoy this.”
“As the one locked to the bed in her own cuffs, I get to say hurry the fuck up.”
He smiled, and dear God, that smile… Good thing he didn’t know that all he had to do was smile at her, and he could have whatever he wanted, up to and including her shackled by her own cuffs to do with as he pleased. “Are you comfortable?”
“Define comfortable.” Her nipples were tight and tingling, her legs moved restlessly on the double lounge chair and she worried she might leave a wet spot on the sheet. She’d been turned on since he first suggested the plans for this evening.
“Does anything hurt?”
“No, but a few things are aching.”
“Really?” He dropped a knee to the mattress and leaned over her. “We can’t have that.” He took her right nipple into the heat of his mouth and sucked lightly.
Sam would’ve levitated off the bed if she hadn’t been shackled to it. A live wire connected her nipple to her clit, the sensations that were always intense made more so by having her hands removed from the equation. She moved restlessly, trying to find some relief from the desperate need—and all he’d done was suck on her nipple. God, she was never going to survive this.
When she heard rustling around, she opened her eyes to see him doing something next to the bed. “What is that?”
“Remember that box of goodies I got you for our anniversary?” He held up a large plug that was slick and shiny with lubricant.
Sam pressed her knees together. “That wasn’t in the box!”
“Yes, it was.”
“No, it wasn’t!”
He laughed. “Um, yes it was. It’s not like I could ask the Secret Service to stop by the nearest sex toy shop so I could pick it up on my way home from work.”
She scowled at him. “We’re not doing that. No way.”
“Yes, way.”
“Samantha… It’s my twenty-six minutes to do with as I please. Unless you can’t handle it. In that case, I’d be happy to release you. Just say the word.”
As the most competitive person on this planet and the next, Sam recoiled against the notion of not being able to handle anything he could dish out. “Fine. Whatever. You don’t scare me.”
“I’m so glad to hear that because I’d never want to scare you.” As he said the words, he set the timer on his phone and then pressed the thing against her ass, which wanted nothing to do with it.
Fuck, that hurt and it stung and… Her clit tingled with what could only be called desire. It still amazed her that anything and everything he did aroused her so intensely.
He pressed harder until her ass opened to accept the gigantic object that made her feel like she had been split in half.
She’d never done anything in the butt department until him, and he’d expanded her horizons in more ways than one.
“Does it hurt?” he asked, as he dragged his tongue from the base of the plug to her clit. He sucked the throbbing bundle of nerves into his mouth and ran his tongue back and forth.
Sam exploded, her entire body seized by the orgasm that ripped through her like a wildfire. “Answer me, Samantha. Does it hurt?”
Gasping, she said, “No.” The single word was all she was capable of.
“Good. I don’t want anything to hurt.” He licked and sucked and teased her by tugging on the plug until she hovered on the brink of another release. “Wow, time flies when I’m having fun. I’d better move things along. I’d hate to run out of time before we get to the good stuff.”
The “good stuff” apparently involved him pushing his very large, very hard cock into her, slowly, because space was at a premium due to the plug. “Holy fuck,” he whispered. “So tight. So hot.”
With her body stretched like a bow, she could only close her eyes and take the wild ride with him as he fucked her like a man possessed by desire and a love so big it couldn’t be described or contained. The timer went off, but he didn’t stop, and she didn’t ask him to. Twenty-six minutes had never passed so quickly.
“Samantha,” he said, his lips caressing her ear. “Tell me how it feels.”
“So good.”
His fingers dug into her hips as he came, thrusting deep and heating her from within with his release. After he caught his breath, he withdrew from her and unlocked the cuffs, releasing her arms. He massaged each wrist and kissed her inner arm. “And with that, my love, your debt is finally settled.”
“Not quite,” she said, squirming. “You forgot something.”
“I did?”
“Oh right, so I did.” Kneeling between her legs, he pulled on the plug until it was half out and then pushed it in again, triggering another small orgasm, before he finally removed it, leaving her panting in the aftermath.
He snuggled up to her, bringing her in tight against him. “What did we think of cuffs and plug night?”
“The screaming orgasms didn’t indicate what we thought of it?”
Chuckling, he kissed her. “Sexiest wife I ever had. How’d I get so lucky?”
“A. I’m the only wife you’ve ever had and will ever have. And B. We both got lucky.”
“We certainly did.”
“If we got any luckier, we might not survive it.”
“Oh, but what a way to go,” he said with a deep sigh of satisfaction. “What a way to go.”

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