For readers who have wanted to check out the Quantum Series but worried the heat was a little too toasty for your liking…. Marie announced that the TAME editions are now available in two places:

1. You can get the books themselves and read the TAME versions IN THE BACK of the sizzling versions. To access the TAME version, download a free copy of Virtuous, to start with, and refer to the Table of Contents inside your ebook. Scroll down to the heading for Virtuous TAME and start reading!

2. Download the ALL NEW Quantum Series TAME Boxed Sets 1 and 2 to get the Tame versions together.

In a story full of Hollywood glamour, sexy romance and the “family” theme Marie known for in her other series, read how international superstar Flynn Godfrey falls in love with first-year school teacher Natalie Bryant after her dog bites the world famous actor in a park in New York City, starting the series that readers have called “dazzling, breathtaking and riveting.” And then continue with the second boxed set to watch Flynn and Natalie’s friends fall in love!

PLEASE NOTE: These are still EROTIC romances, but the kinky business takes place “off stage.” It is still referred to and discussed and is a central theme throughout the series.


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