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You have no preorders after April of 2023. You’re not retiring, are you?

Haha, nope. I’ve decided to change up how I manage my schedule, however. Rather than posting long preorders and scrambling to get everything done in time, I’ve decided to get everything done and THEN put the books up for preorder. More books coming in 2023.

What inspired you to write the Wild Widows Series?

I fell into a rabbit hole of following young widows on Instagram and found their stories to be so unique and compelling. The word “widow” conjures images of gray-haired people living out the latter years of their lives after having lost their spouses. Young widows have a completely different experience, and I was eager to write about that. I’ve loved the response to the first two books, and I’m looking forward to writing more in the Wild Widows Series.

How about the next Wild Widow book?

I hope to have SOMEONE TO LOVE, Wild Widow book 3, featuring Adrian and Wynter, late summer/early fall 2023.

Now that you’ve ended the Butler, VT Series, will you replace that with something new?

Yes, I’m planning a new series that will debut probably in 2024 and it will be a spin-off of Gansett Island. More to come on that at the end of the next Gansett Island book, HURRICANE AFTER DARK, which should be out late spring/early summer 2023.

When can we expect the next First Family story?

I’m aiming to bring STATE OF DENIAL to you by early summer 2023.

What about Miami Nights?

I’m going to hold that one at five books for now, so HOW MUCH I NEED in April 23 will be the last one of those for now. I may revisit that world in the future.

What inspired the Miami Nights Series?

Miami and South Florida have played a big role in my life as the area was one of my father’s favorite places. He attended Embry Riddle to train as an aviation mechanic in the 1960s (before the school moved to Daytona Beach) and fell in love with the area. After school, he returned home to RI because he was the only child of a widowed mother. That was lucky for me (and my brother) since he met our mom when he came home! We visited Miami often as kids, and I’ve returned frequently in the years since—I was there twice recently in preparation to write this series. Check out the photos from my amazing tour of Little Havana!

How many books do you plan to write in the Gansett Island Series?

I have no plans to end Gansett, so lots more to come.

Do you plan to write more of the Treading Water Series?

I think the series was wrapped up well in FINDING FOREVER, so I’m not planning anything more at this time.

Tell us the truth: Will Sam and Nick from the Fatal Series ever have a baby of their own?

Probably not. I’d love to give them what they want (as well as what readers want), but making Sam a mother to an infant would dramatically change the way she lives her life and would greatly alter the pace of the series. IF (and that’s a very BIG IF at this point), they have a baby, I expect it would happen much later in the series, closer to the end, and who wants to contemplate the end? Not me!

I’d love to see the Gansett Island or Fatal characters in a TV show or movie. Are you pursuing that?

I get this question A LOT. It’s great to hear that readers would love to see my characters on the big or small screen. However, I have very little input into whether or not that ever happens. If it happens, great. If not, also fine. 🙂

How come some of your books are available in paperback and others are not?

All of my books are now available in paperback. Click here for a list of all the books.

We’d like to hear more about the characters in some of your single title books, such as Blake and Honey in Sex Machine, Cole and Olivia in Everyone Loves a Hero, Michael and Juliana (as well as Paige and Jeremy) in Love at First Flight, Georgie and Nathan in Georgia On My Mind, to name a few. Do you have any plans to write follow-up stories for these characters?

I’d LOVE to do a series of Happily Ever After novellas showing all these characters living their happily ever afters. I did add bonus epilogues to Everyone Loves a HeroLine of Scrimmage and Love at First Flight to follow up with those characters. I do think about revisiting characters a lot and would love to do more. Someday!

Out of all of your books, which one is your favorite?

Ahhhh, such a hard question! Treading Water was my first, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I’d have to say tied for second would be Maid for Love and Fatal Affair, because they launched series that have been very successful and are still going strong many books later. I’ve been on an amazing journey with each of my series, so all of them are special. Georgia on My Mind is another book that is very near and dear to me because it follows the heroine’s story after she loses her mother, something I have unfortunately been through myself. Fatal Deception is a book I am very proud of because of the computer crash that occurred in the middle of writing it. Despite the challenges of overcoming the crash, I’m thrilled with how it came together—and that I somehow made the deadline! I love them all for different reasons. How is that for diplomatic?

I want to make sure I’m notified every time you have a new book released. How can I make sure that happens?

Easy enough! Join my newsletter mailing list at the top of the home page and receive an email every time I have news to report about new books or release dates. If you are a Kindle reader, make sure you sign up to receive alerts from Amazon whenever new books become available. You can sign up here by clicking on the big yellow button under my photo.

Questions About:

What first led you to self-publish some of your books?

I had books finished and ready to go and couldn’t find a publisher that was interested in them. Maid for Love, book 1 of the Gansett Island Series, was rejected by every romance publisher. That series has gone on to sell nearly 5 million books. The Treading Water Series, which has been very successful for me and much adored by readers, was also rejected all over the place.

What do you like best and worst about self-publishing?

I like everything about self-publishing. I like making all the decisions about covers and editing and release dates and prices. There’s nothing I don’t like about it, although it is a lot of work. Luckily, it’s work I love to do, and I have a fantastic team supporting me every step of the way.

Are you still planning to write for traditional publishers?

Nope! I’m 100 percent indie as of August 2020 and thrilled to be completely running my own show.

I have a book I’d like to self-publish, but I have no idea how to get started. What do I do?

You’ve come to the right place! Check out my Formatting Fairies and get in touch with any questions you have after you’ve visited our website. Join my Author Support Network on Facebook.

Still have questions? Email me at

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 

~ Calvin Coolidge

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