Frequently Asked Questions About Kindle Unlimited

Q: What is KU and how does it work?
A: Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that allows readers to pay one monthly fee to read as many of the enrolled books as they can. You can borrow up to 20 books at a time for $9.99 per month. Note that you will not OWN the books in this program, but you can re-borrow any books you wish to re-read. KU comes with all kinds of other perks, such as three magazine subscriptions. I read People magazine weekly on my Kindle app. Find out more about KU or subscribe here.

Q: Can I still get new releases on Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay and AppleBooks?
A; Yes, new books will be offered on those retailers as preorders and as new releases for a time after release day. I encourage readers on those platforms to preorder so they don’t miss any new releases they are interested in. 

Q: How soon after release will the books move to KU?
A: That is going to depend on sales volumes and other factors. It could be anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. It will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What is the plan for HOW MUCH I NEED, the final Miami Nights book?
A: That one will be on sale at Nook, AppleBooks, GooglePlay and Kobo as a preorder and for two days after the April 11 release. On April 14, it will move to Kindle Unlimited and be removed from the other retailers. The reason being is that the vast majority of the sales of the Miami Nights Series occur on Kindle.

Q: Why are you removing books from the other retailers?
A: Most of the books that are moving have been on the other retailers for years, in many cases, and months in the case of newer releases. I have given readers on those platforms plenty of time to purchase their copy of my new books. Kindle Unlimited represents an area of true growth for authors in this hyper-competitive climate. After my books have been on sale for a while on the other retailers, the sales tend to dwindle, which is why I’m moving them to where they can find a whole new audience. Kindle requires exclusivity to enroll in Kindle Unlimited, which is why authors have to remove books from other platforms to participate in that program. I’d prefer to have my books everywhere, but unfortunately I can’t have it both ways. 

Q: I don’t want to enroll in Kindle Unlimited. Can I still buy your new books at Kindle?
A: Yes, every book is available for sale at Kindle. The benefit to Kindle Unlimited is that for a monthly charge of $9.99 you can read as many books as you can consume in a month’s time. You can check out 20 books at a time, you can enjoy subscriptions to magazines and other perks, and discover new authors all for the cost of a fancy cup of coffee. It’s a great solution for budget-conscious readers. 

Q: If I bought your books at Nook, AppleBooks, Kobo and GooglePlay, will they still be available to me after they move to Kindle?
A: Yes, everything you purchased will still be available. If you have any problem accessing purchased books, please contact the retailer in question.

Q: I don’t have Kindle and I’ve missed a few of your books that are now exclusive there. What can I do?
A: You can download a FREE Kindle app to any device that accepts apps (including iPads and some of the newer Nook devices) and purchase the books there. You DO NOT have to be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited to purchase books at Kindle.

Q: I worry that authors don’t get paid for Kindle Unlimited. Is that true?
A: No, we get paid by the pages read. So if my sales have dropped off on the other platforms, I can pick up all new readers who can’t afford to buy the books at full price through Kindle Unlimited. I write LONG series, so it works out well to offer them in KU for readers who can’t afford to buy them all.

Q: What about paperback and audio?
A: Kindle Unlimited is for ebooks only. There will be no change in the offering of paperback and audiobooks going forward. Both will be available for purchase as preorders and indefinitely after release on all retailers.

Q: What about the First Family and Wild Widows books. Will they be moving, too?
A: After careful consideration, we have decided to move the first four First Family books and the first two Wild Widows books to Kindle Unlimited, along with the Fatal Series, on April 1. Please purchase any copies you’d like to have on Nook, AppleBooks, GooglePlay or Kobo before then.

Q: How will this affect library purchases?
A: We will offer new books to libraries as preorders. Please make sure your library orders their copy as early as possible as they will be removed from library apps when they move to Kindle Unlimited. Patrons can help their libraries to order in time by providing preorder information to them.

Q: I hate when authors make changes like this. Why do you guys have to do things like this?
A: We are running businesses, and as such, we have to do what’s best for our businesses. My business not only supports my family, it supports the families of my employees as well, and I’m always looking to keep things moving forward. I appreciate your patience and understanding as well as your support of my books!

Other questions? Contact Marie.