Get to know the Fatal Series

While the Fatal Series books can stand alone, with a complete story in each book, you will enjoy them more if you read them in order as Sam and Nick’s story unfolds chronologically.

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Thank you for your interest in the Fatal Series! I first began writing Sam and Nick’s story way back in 2007 when I read about a congressman who’d been found dead in his Washington, D.C.-area home. At first, his death was investigated as a possible crime but it was later determined he died of natural causes. I wondered… If he had been murdered, who would’ve had jurisdiction over the case? That question led to Sam and Nick and the rest… Well, there’s no end in sight for our favorite D.C. homicide detective and her politician husband. I hope you enjoy Sam and Nick’s wild ride as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Fatal Series Extras

Fatal Release Schedule

2016 6/28—Fatal Scandal in print 6/28—Fatal Frenzy in print 7/26—Fatal Identity, Book 10 in ebook, audio and print: all at the same time!  Beginning with Book 10, all the books will be released in all formats simultaneously. After the middle of next year, we’ll be all caught up and everything will happen at the same time. If you love the series, I hope you will talk it up among your friends who prefer their books in print and look for books 1-7 in print now! If you have any questions about the Fatal Series schedule, please email Marie