**PLEASE NOTE: Updated through Trouble After Dark, Book 21. May contain spoilers for those who haven’t read all the books.

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The McCarthy Family

Malcom John “Big Mac” McCarthy Sr. and Linda McCarthy, owners of McCarthy’s Gansett Island Marina and McCarthy’s Gansett Island Inn, are parents to:

  • Mallory Vaughn, daughter of Big Mac McCarthy and Diana Vaughn, deceased; engaged to Quinn James
  • Malcolm John “Mac” McCarthy Jr., married to Maddie Chester McCarthy, father to Thomas, Hailey and Malcolm John “Mac” McCarthy III
  • Grant McCarthy, screenwriter, married to Stephanie McCarthy, owner of Stephanie’s Bistro
  • Adam McCarthy, computer guru, married to Abby Callahan, owner of Abby’s Attic, father to Liam Callahan McCarthy
  • Evan McCarthy, owner of Island Breeze Records, married to Grace Ryan, owner of Ryan’s Pharmacy
  • Janey McCarthy Cantrell, married to Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company; mother of Peter Joseph “P.J.” and Vivienne Cantrell

Judge Frank McCarthy, brother to “Big Mac” and Kevin McCarthy, father to:

  • Laura McCarthy Lawry, married to Owen Lawry, mother of Holden Newsome, Joanna Sarah Lawry and Jonathan Russell Lowry
  • Shane McCarthy, married to Katie Lawry McCarthy, sister of Owen Lawry; daughter of Sarah Lawry; twin to Julia

Dr. Kevin McCarthy, married to Chelsea Rose, brother to Big Mac and Frank McCarthy. Psychiatrist. Father to:

  • Riley McCarthy, son of Kevin and Deb McCarthy, engaged to Nikki Stokes
  • Finn McCarthy, son of Kevin and Deb McCarthy, dating Chloe Dennis
  • Summer Rose McCarthy, daughter of Kevin and Chelsea
  • Chelsea Rose, married to Kevin McCarthy, bartender at the Beachcomber
  • Deb McCarthy, ex-wife of Kevin McCarthy; mother of Riley and Finn McCarthy

McCarthy Friends & Family

  • Luke Harris, co-owner of McCarthys Gansett Island Marina, married to Sydney Donovan, father of Lillian Alice “Lily” Harris
  • Sydney Donovan, interior decorator, married to Luke Harris; mother of Lillian Alice “Lily” Harris
  • Ned Saunders, best friend to Big Mac McCarthy; married to Francine Chester Saunders, mother of Maddie McCarthy and Tiffany Taylor; Gansett Island cab driver and land baron
  • Francine Chester Saunders, mother of Maddie McCarthy and Tiffany Taylor; married to Ned Saunders
  • Tiffany Taylor, married to Police Chief Blaine Taylor; mother to Ashleigh Sturgil and Adeline “Addie” Taylor, owner of Naughty & Nice
  • Blaine Taylor, married to Tiffany Taylor; stepfather to Ashleigh Sturgil; father to Adeline “Addie” Francine Taylor, Gansett Island police chief
  • Bobby Chester, estranged father of Maddie McCarthy and Tiffany Taylor, ex-husband of Francine Saunders
  • Jim Sturgil, ex-husband of Tiffany Taylor, father to Ashleigh Sturgil
  • Seamus O’Grady, manager of the Gansett Island Ferry Company; married to Carolina Cantrell; adoptive father of Kyle and Jackson Chandler
  • Carolina Cantrell O’Grady, married to Seamus O’Grady, mother of Joe Cantrell, grandmother to P.J. and Vivienne Cantrell; adoptive mother of Kyle and Jackson Chandler
  • Lisa Chandler, neighbor to Seamus and Carolina Cantrell, deceased
  • Kyle Chandler, son of Lisa
  • Jackson Chandler, son of Lisa
  • Dan Torrington, married to Kara Ballard, celebrity lawyer and friend to Grant McCarthy
  • Kara Ballard Torrington, married to Dan Torrington, operator of Ballard’s Launch Service
  • Dr. Cal Maitland, former island doctor and ex-fiancé of Abby Callahan
  • Charlie Grandchamp, stepfather of Stephanie Logan, engaged to Sarah Lawry
  • Sarah Lawry, mother of Owen Lawry, engaged to Charlie Grandchamp
  • Mark Lawry, father of Owen Lawry; ex-husband of Sarah Lawry
  • Julia Lawry, sister of Owen Lawry and Katie Lawry McCarthy; daughter of Sarah Lawry; twin to Katie; dating Deacon Taylor
  • Deacon Taylor, brother of Blaine Taylor; dating Julia Lawry
  • Dr. David Lawrence, Gansett Island doctor, former fiancé of Janey McCarthy Cantrell; engaged to Daisy Babson
  • Daisy Babson Lawrence, friend of Maddie McCarthy’s, housekeeping manager at McCarthy’s Gansett Island Inn; engaged to Dr. David Lawrence
  • Tobias Fitzgerald Jackson Jr., goes by “Slim,” Gansett Island pilot; married to Erin Barton
  • Erin Barton, married to Tobias “Slim” Fitzgerald Jackson Jr.; twin to the late Toby Barton, who was engaged to Jenny Wilks Martinez; former lighthouse keeper
  • Jenny Wilks Martinez, married to Alex Martinez, mother of George Alexander Martinez II
  • Alex Martinez, married to Jenny Wilks Martinez, father of George Alexander Martinez II, brother of Paul. Co-owner of Martinez Lawn & Garden
  • Paul Martinez, married to Hope Russell, stepfather to Ethan Russell, father to Scarlett Marion Martinez. Co-owner of Martinez Lawn & Garden; member of Gansett Town Council; brother of Alex Martinez
  • Hope Russell, mother of Ethan Russell and Scarlett Marion Martinez; married to Paul Martinez
  • Ethan Russell, son of Hope Russell
  • Marion Martinez, mother of Paul and Alex Martinez
  • Jared James, resident billionaire, co-owner of The Chesterfield; married to Elisabeth “Lizzie” Sutter James
  • Elisabeth “Lizzie” Sutter James, co-owner of The Chesterfield; married to Jared James
  • Mason Johns, island fire chief
  • Truck Henry, Daisy Babson’s abusive ex-boyfriend
  • Victoria Stevens, living with Shannon O’Grady. Gansett Island midwife.
  • Shannon O’Grady, living with Victoria Stevens. Employed by Gansett Island Ferry Company. Cousin to Seamus O’Grady
  • Rebecca, owner of the South Harbor Diner
  • Doc Potter, island veterinarian
  • Chloe Dennis, owner of the Curl Up and Dye Salon, dating Finn McCarthy
  • Nikki Stokes, engaged to Riley McCarthy
  • Jordon Stokes, twin sister of Riley Stokes

The Children of Gansett Island

  • Thomas McCarthy, son of Maddie McCarthy; adopted son of Mac McCarthy
  • Hailey McCarthy, daughter of Maddie and Mac McCarthy
  • Connor McCarthy, deceased son of Maddie and Mac McCarthy
  • Malcolm John “Mac” McCarthy III, son of Maddie and Mac McCarthy
  • Ashleigh Sturgil, daughter of Tiffany Taylor and Jim Sturgil
  • Adeline Francine Taylor, daughter of Blaine and Tiffany Taylor
  • Holden Newsome, son of Laura McCarthy and ex-husband, Justin Newsome
  • Joanna Sarah Lawry, daughter of Owen and Laura Lawry
  • Jonathan Russell Lowry, son of Owen and Laura Lawry
  • Peter Joseph “P.J.” Cantrell, son of Joe and Janey Cantrell
  • Vivienne Cantrell, daughter of Joe and Janey Cantrell
  • George Alexander Martinez II, son of Alex and Jenny Martinez
  • Lillian Alice “Lily” Harris, daughter of Luke and Sydney Harris
  • Liam Callahan McCarthy, son of Adam and Abby McCarthy
  • Scarlett Marion Martinez, daughter of Paul and Hope Martinez
  • Summer Rose McCarthy, daugher of Kevin McCarthy and Chelsea Rose McCarthy

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