Quantum Series Short Story

Night Three

“I’ve got to do something. He’s driving me crazy. Ever since I told him I’m pregnant, he allows for only gentle missionary at a time when I want it more than ever.”
“That’s pregnancy for you,” Aileen says.
Ellie nods in agreement. “What she said.”
Marlowe snorts with laughter. “Poor Flynn. He’s gone soft on us.”
“Poor Flynn? What about me? He’s gotten me addicted to his concept of more, and now he takes it away from me just because I’m pregnant? How is that fair?”
“Have you thought about taking the bull by the horns,” Ellie asks, cringing. “I can’t believe I’m actually discussing my brother’s sex life.”
“You’re discussing my sex life,” I tell my sister-in-law. “Pretend like he’s not your brother.”
“Um, okay,” Ellie says. “Like that’s not weird, too.”
“Come on! I need help here. I can’t deal with tame and neutered Flynn for eight more months! It’s like he’s been abducted by aliens or something.”
“Back to Ellie’s point,” Addie says. “Have you tried taking the lead?”
“Not really. He’s always the one to lead. I just willingly follow because he makes it so good for me. Before I was pregnant, that is.”
Ellie covers her ears. “I can’t. I just can’t.”
“Stop being a baby,” Marlowe tells her, giving her a gentle shove. “And speaking of babies, is Jasper different with you since you got pregnant?”
Ellie drops her hands from her ears. “Not really. He’s still the same old dominant Jasper he’s always been.”
“So it’s only Flynn who decides to stop being a Dom the minute his wife gets pregnant?” I ask, feeling despondent. It took a lot of courage for me to bring this up to my friends during our girl’s night out to happy hour during which Ellie and I are drinking water while the rest of them enjoy cocktails. I’m counting on them to help me figure out what to do with the lamb that my lion of a husband has turned into over the last few weeks. I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud, even to myself, but our usually crazy sex life has gotten kind of… boring.
“He’s still a Dom,” Marlowe assures me. “He’s just a Dom with a pregnant wife who he wants to protect.”
“I don’t need protection. I need hot sex with a dose of BDSM, which he’s taught me to crave.”
“Have you told him that?” Addie asks, wincing. She’s Flynn’s longtime assistant and is like a fourth sister to him.
“Yes! Repeatedly. He just shakes his head and says not now. Not while you’re pregnant.”
Aileen, who’s been silent up to now, clears her throat. “If I may suggest… Being somewhat new to the lifestyle, I’m not sure this is even a thing, but can you turn the tables on him?”
“How so?” I ask, intrigued by the idea.
“You become the Dom and force him to submit to you. While you have him where you want him, get him to agree to a few things before you let him, you know…” Aileen’s face goes bright red.
“Come?” Marlowe says.
Aileen nods and takes a drink from her cocktail. A big drink.
“I like that idea.” My mind races with scenarios and possibilities. “I like it a lot.”
“You think he’ll go for it?” Addie asks. “Flynn’s not one to take orders from anyone.”
I flash her a big, confident smile. “Well… I’m not just anyone, am I?”


I arrive home before Flynn, who went to Hayden’s to hang with the guys while the ladies were at happy hour. With some time to prepare before he gets home, I change into an outfit I ordered online a few weeks ago, thinking it might help to spice things up with my suddenly docile husband. Don’t get me wrong—I love every second I get to spend with him, no matter what we’re doing, but knowing what’s possible, I’ve come to crave the added extras that he introduced to my life. In addition to the outfit, I bought something else I thought he might like, and tonight I’m going to find out if the Dom can be dominated.
The thought of it makes me giggle.
Half an hour later, I’m wearing the sexiest outfit I own, complete with garter belt and sheer, thigh-high stockings and three-inch heels. I’m wearing a black bustier made of lace that leaves very little to the imagination and a matching thong that leaves nothing to the imagination. My dog, Fluff, barking furiously lets me know Flynn is home.
Show time.
I wait for him in the bedroom, hands on my hips. He’ll come looking for me as he always does when he gets home. And then he’s in the doorway, so handsome he takes my breath away. He may be famous the world over and the most celebrated actor of his generation, but to me, he’s just… everything.
His mouth falls open at the sight of me dressed to kill. “What… How… Where…”
I laugh at his reaction. My husband is never, ever at a loss for words. “Close the door.” After Fluff bit Flynn on the ass, we’ve learned to keep her out of the room while we’re having sex. The door clicks closed, and I crook my finger at him.
“What’s going on?” he asks, as he crosses the room to me.
“Tonight, I’m in charge. You understand?”
“Wait just a minute…”
I squeeze his lips shut. “I. Am. In. Charge.” I release his lips, unbutton his shirt and push it off his shoulders, while he watches me with eyes that never miss a trick.
“No talking. Do you need a safe word?”
He scoffs. “Do I need a safe word?”
“You heard me. Do you need one?”
“No, babe,” he says, his eyes dancing with amusement. “I’m good.”
“You’re sure?”
His disdain for my ability to dominate him makes me want to reduce him to a sniveling shell of his former cocky self. Speaking of cocks… I unzip his pants and push them and his boxers down over his hips. I produce a cock ring that I’d tucked into my bodice and hold it up for him to see. “You want to put this on, or shall I?”
“Um, well, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a bit late for that.”
Gazing down at his hard cock, I say, “That’s your problem, not mine. Put it on.”
“Put it on or use the word red to put a stop to this now.”
His brows furrow. “You’re going to pay for this.”
“God, I hope so.”
“Don’t think I don’t get what you’re doing here.”
“No talking. Put it on.”
He takes the ring from me and grits his teeth as he rolls the tight rubber object down the length of his cock. “FYI, those are supposed to go on before the erection, not after.”
“I know that. It’s not my fault that you go hard at the sight of me.”
Grunting out a laugh, he says, “It’s absolutely your fault. Where in the hell did you get that outfit anyway?”
“You’re not supposed to be talking. Lay back on the bed, and hurry up about it. I don’t have all night. The baby and I need our sleep.”
Glaring at me, he does as I requested, leaning back on his elbows, his cock so hard it looks like it must hurt. I can’t have that. I get down on my knees next to the bed and arrange him so he’s situated at the edge of the bed, legs spread and laid out like the sexiest banquet in front of me. I lean in and gently drag my tongue over his balls, which are hard and tight like the rest of him.
He sucks in a sharp deep breath. “Nat…”
“Quiet or I’ll spank your ass.”
“What the hell is happening here?”
I pull back. “Okay, turn over.”
“I’ll be quiet.”
“Too late. Turn over.”
As he turns, he gives me a disbelieving look that has me choking back a laugh. I have no doubt that I will pay for this in the best way possible. He lands on his belly, groaning when his cock brushes against the sheet. I love his tight, muscular ass. Bending over him, I take a bite that makes him startle. Before he can recover, I deliver a hard spank to his right cheek. His hands grasp fistfuls of sheet, and his breathing becomes ragged.
“Count for me.” He always makes me count them, so turnabout is fair play.
“One,” he says through gritted teeth.
I give him twenty, ten for talking and ten for being so stubborn about not dominating me during my pregnancy. When I’m finished, I caress the red spots on his ass, and he sucks in a sharp deep breath. Then I flip the tiny hidden switch on the cock ring, and it begins to vibrate.
On a long, desperate groan, he says, “Fuck.”
“That sounds like a great idea. Turn over.”
When he turns onto his back, I’m shocked by how hard he is. I’ve never seen him in such a state.
“Proud of yourself?” he mutters, watching me with hooded eyes.
“Very proud.” I shimmy out of my thong and straddle him, pressing my heat against his cock.
His hands land on my hips, and I shake them off.
“Put them over your head and leave them there. This is my show.”
“You’d better move this show along or you’re going to miss the big finish.”
“Shhhh. I’m busy.” I take him into me, sliding down on him slowly and shivering at how good it feels to be stretched to my limit. When I’ve taken all of him, I reach down to ramp up the vibration in the cock ring to the next level.
“Jesus,” he mutters.
I roll my hips to take full advantage of the vibration.
“Nat,” he says, sounding desperate.
“I should make you call me Madam or something equal to Sir.”
“I’ll call you whatever you want if you let me come.”
“Not yet.”
He groans.
“Do we need to work on your self-control?” I ask, raising a brow.
His smile stretches across his face, relieving the tension somewhat. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“You bet I am. Before we reach the big finish, we have a few things to discuss.”
“You’re kidding me, right?”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?” I roll my hips a few times for emphasis, drawing a deep groan from him. “Repeat after me: my wife is pregnant, not fragile.”
He gives me a mulish look.
I tighten my internal muscles.
Gasping, he says, “My wife is pregnant, not fragile.”
“Very good. Next I want you to say it’s not fair for me to get her addicted to something and then withhold it from her.”
Gritting his teeth, he says the words.
“Excellent. Finally, I want you to say that nothing bad will happen if I continue to dominate my wife, even while she’s pregnant.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.”
I go still above him. “We can stay here all night, but I’m not moving again until you say it.” While I remain perfectly still on the outside, I continue to clench the muscles that surround his cock. His abdominal muscles quiver madly from the effort it takes to hold back. Our standoff lasts two full minutes, during which neither of us blinks, before the words come pouring out of him in a desperate chant.
“Nothing bad will happen if I dominate my wife while she’s pregnant.”
I pat his chest. “You are such a good little sub.”
His scowl is positively ferocious.
“You now have my permission to come.”
He surprises the hell out of me when he grasps my hips, turns me over and pounds into me until we’re both coming with sharp cries that have Fluff barking frantically outside the bedroom door.
Now that is more like it. I can’t contain my satisfied smile.
“Well, well, well,” he says after five minutes of silence and heavy breathing. “What the hell has become of my virtuous little wife?”
“She married a hot, sexy Dom who got her addicted to his lifestyle and then took it away from her when she got pregnant. That’s not what I want, Flynn.”
“Your message has been received loud and clear, babe.”
“So we can get back to normal around here?”
“How soon?”
He turns his dark-eyed gaze my way and says, “As soon as you take your punishment for trying to dominate your Dom.”
“Trying to dominate? I made you my bitch.”
He loses it laughing and draws me into his embrace. “You are in so much trouble.”
Since his brand of trouble is my favorite thing in the world, I kiss his chest and then his lips. Gazing into his gorgeous eyes, I say, “Punish me, Sir.”

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