Book Plates

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  • From the Gansett Island Series:
    • Desire After Dark
    From the Green Mountain Series:
    • All You Need Is Love
    • I Want To Hold Your Hand
    • I Saw Her Standing There
    • And I Love Her
    • You'll Be Mine from the Ask My Why anthology
    • It's Only Love
    • Ain't She Sweet
    From the Fatal Series:
    • Fatal Affair
    • Fatal Justice
    • Fatal Consequences
    • Fatal Flaw
    • Fatal Consequences
    • Fatal Mistake
    • Fatal Jeopardy
    • Fatal Scandal
    • Fatal Frenzy
    • Fatal Identity
    • Fatal Threat
    Quantum Series:
    • Virtuous
    • Valorous
    • Victorious
    • Rapturous
    • Ravenous

    Single Titles:
    • Sex Machine