And I Love Her

Book 4 in the Green Mountain Series

He loves her. She loves his brother. He can change her mind, right?

Hunter Abbott is a fixer. As the eldest of the ten Abbott siblings, he takes care of things for his family and their many business interests. As an accountant, things need to add up or they don’t make sense to him. The one thing he can’t seem to reconcile is his undeniable attraction to Megan Kane, the cranky waitress at the diner across the street from the Abbott family’s Green Mountain Country Store. Megan has made no secret of her abiding love for Hunter’s brother Will. But with Will happily in love with Cameron, does Hunter now have a chance to show Megan that she’s had her eye on the wrong Abbott brother all along?

Megan Kane is heartbroken and frustrated—and yes, often extremely cranky. But watching your one true love fall in love with someone else would make anyone a little cranky, especially when everyone else seems to love HER as much as Will does. For years Megan has avoided other relationships in the hope that Will would someday look her way. In all that time, she held on to a go-nowhere job as a waitress at her sister’s diner in the go-nowhere town of Butler, Vermont. When her sister and brother-in-law inform her they plan to move and sell the diner, Megan panics at the thought of losing that go-nowhere job and the go-nowhere town she’s called home for most of her life. Until Hunter Abbott comes up with the idea for his family to buy the diner and hire Megan to run it for them. Suddenly, Hunter seems to be underfoot a lot, offering all kinds of helpful and annoying advice while slowly working his way into her affections. Can Megan forget that she once yearned for his brother and give Hunter a chance to show her what real love might be like?

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eBook: 978-0698164048
Print: 978-0425275498