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Book 6 in the Quantum Series

She’s survived single motherhood and breast cancer. But can she survive being loved by him?

Aileen Gifford is ready for a whole new life when she moves with her young children, Logan and Maddie, to Los Angeles, where her close friend Natalie lives with her husband, international movie star, Flynn Godfrey. Since Natalie married Flynn, Aileen and her children have been to LA several times and have fallen in love with Southern California—and Flynn and Natalie’s family and colleagues at Quantum Productions. She has formed a special bond with Flynn’s sexy business partner, hotshot Hollywood producer Kristian Bowman. 

Now that Aileen and the kids have moved to town, Kristian can’t do enough to help them get settled and to make sure they’re happy in their new home. Aileen accepts his help with moving boxes, but draws the line at ponies for the kids, season tickets to the Dodgers, expensive trips to theme parks and other luxuries that are way outside her budget. He wants to do everything for her kids, but he also wants to do everything for—and with—her, too.

As Aileen and Kristian spend more time together, the uncertainly of her prognosis becomes nearly impossible for him to handle, but even that isn’t as difficult as trying to hold back his dominant side whenever he is close to her, which is as often as possible. Figuring out a way to keep from turning her off before he can fully turn her on might prove to be the most challenging production of his life. 

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