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Yearning for you: Lost in Love The Green Mountain Series 5

“Longing for You” by bestselling author Marie Force is a sparkling, self-contained romance novel, and also the fifth volume of the Lost in Love series.

Is there anything worse than loving someone wholeheartedly who does not reciprocate those feelings? 31-year-old Ella Abbott has known this pain for many years – ever since she fell in love with the wild and handsome Gavin Guthrie as a girl. He has repeatedly dismissed them. Now she has sworn to never let him into her heart again – although Ella’s affection and support for Gavin are of enormous importance, because the death of his brother has thrown him completely off track.

But in this one night, everything changes: When the otherwise so calm and warmhearted Ella Gavin rages for the first time, she gives in to the attraction he feels for her – and Ella, too, can not fulfill her intentions. The two spend passionate hours of complete devotion. Maybe the thing between them can work? Ella takes a momentous promise from Gavin and in the next few days they can barely keep their hands off each other. Filled with tingling desire, the two completely forget the world around them – until the past overtakes Gavin …