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New Workshops Scheduled in 2018! More to come!

Audiobook Production through ACX, February 12-17, 2018The audiobook audience is growing, and when audiobooks are well produced they can generate substantial revenue and bring new followers to your work. But how does the self-published author get into audio, and what are the keys to production and distribution of your audiobook? This workshop will highlight the steps to successful audiobook publication through Amazon’s ACX platform. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Marie Force, is a New York Times bestselling romance author and the CEO of HTJB, Inc.  As Marie’s Chief Operating Officer, Julie Cupp oversees her audio program and will share the lessons learned producing more than 40 of Marie’s indie titles in audio. 
Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is ACX?
  • Production Options and Expense
  • Narrators, Producers and Auditions
  • Script Preparation
  • Building your Audience
  • Case Study: Is It Worth It?

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Beginner to Advanced. Registration fee: $49

Setting Up an Online Store and Selling Print & Ebooks Direct to Readers, March 5-10, 2018: Having an online store is another step in the author journey and another source of revenue for the enterprising author who wants more control over his or her book sales. This workshop offers a how-to primer on establishing an online author store to sell signed paperback copies of your books as well as merchandise tied to you, your books and/or your series. Marie Force and her team will discuss the various steps to establishing an online store, how to use various online tools, such as Shopify, to run your store while managing things like inventory and state sales tax. We’ll also share a case study on how we went about selling an ebook novella direct to readers during Christmas 2017—and the various lessons learned.

Marie Force, is a New York Times bestselling romance author and the CEO of HTJB, Inc.  Julie Cupp, CMP, is the Chief Operating Officer of HTJB, Inc. and the principal architect of Marie’s online store. Lisa Cafferty, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer of HTJB, Inc, and oversees the financial end of Marie’s online store, including collection of sales tax. Holly Sullivan, is an assistant to Marie Force, and oversees shipping.

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Registration fee: $49 

Self-Pub 101, March 26-31: Once you embark on a career as an independent author, you are no longer just a writer. You are now officially a publisher and business-owner! With that comes all the responsibilities of a publishing company, including editing, formatting, cover art design, distribution decisions, pricing and promotion. New York Times bestselling author Marie Force will review the ultimate to-do list for your self-publishing business.

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Beginner. Registration fee: $49 

Write Your Way to Readers Who Stick, April 8-20This intensive two-week workshop is designed to cover the ins and outs of being an author and how to attract readers who stay with you throughout your career. This course is part inspiration, part reality check, part deep dive on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll talk about the state of the industry, my story and how I went from the most rejected author *EVER* to a bestseller, what works for me—and what doesn’t, the secret sauce to make your books addictive to readers, what’s important in the author life—and what isn’t—and much more, including early access to my 15 Tips to Write Your Way to Readers that Stick AND a critique of the first three pages of your work in progress. Is your opening grabbing readers who’ll stick? I’ll let you know! My ultimate goal is that you will find something in this course that will assist you on your author journey, no matter where you might be in your career. This is the second time I’ve offered a course that talks about HOW I write and delves into the tricks of the trade that have helped me to succeed. I want to share those things with you. I’ll even include a marked-up copy of book 1 in my most successful series to show you the things I think worked to bring 3 million readers to that series. If you’re feeling frustrated or unhappy with how your writing career is going or even if it’s going well but you need a little boost to keep you motivated, this course is for you. I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE! I get it. I can help you find your way through the maze. Join me for this all-new workshop and we’ll figure it out together! If you make it ALL the way to the end of this course, I have a special surprise for you! As a special thank you for registering, I’ll send you my Uploading to Retailers Manual absolutely FREE! Register today, and let’s get you writing your way to readers who STICK!

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Registration fee: $197

The Business of Writing, May 14-19: Writing the books is just the first step in your author journey. You’re also running a 24-7-365 international business that’s always open. This workshop covers business topics such as tax planning, when to incorporate, how to manage your business finances and other topics that will help you make the transition from author to author AND businessperson. Marie Force and Lisa Cafferty, CPA, Chief Financial Officer of HTJB, Inc., will serve as instructors for this workshop.

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Registration fee: $49

NEW Marketing & Publicity for Authors, Jan. 15-20, 2018: SOLD OUT. Email to be notified when this course will be held again. You’ve written the books, now what? New York Times bestselling author Marie Force will discuss some of the basics of marketing your books to expose them to readers. This workshop will include an introductory look at Facebook ads, Amazon Marketing ads and BookBub ads as well as other promotion and marketing strategies used by authors to grow their readership. Topics include:

  • What’s the difference between publicity and marketing?
  • Affiliate links
  • Newsletters/growing lists
  • Websites
  • Advertising basics
  • Blogs and blog tours
  • Reviews, ARCs, safe sending
  • Free books
  • Launch strategy

Format: Facebook Group. Level: Beginner to Advanced. Registration fee: $49

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"Marie is so down-to-earth and reachable you'll almost forget she's this immensely successful author until... she shares with you her knowledge, insight, and experience. There are no gimmicks or quick fix in her suggestions. She helped me look at my writing career not just as the endless sum of short-term goals but as a long-haul flight.” —Marion Croslydon, Contemporary Romance Author

"This has been an amazing workshop. I am so grateful that you take time to share your experience with other authors. Ever since I decided to go the self-publishing route I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the process to build my business plan. I have been building my resources and you are the gold standard of resources for me. Thank you so much for this workshop and all your efforts to help other authors.” —Author Elizabeth Spaur on the Writing Multiple Series Workshop

"I can't believe how much I've learned in just one week. Thank you again for sharing your tricks of the trade." —Author Kim Allred


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