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Write Your Way to Readers Who Stick
September 18-30, 2017
Join me for a two-week workshop in which we’ll talk about the ins and outs of being an author and how to attract readers who stay with you throughout your career! I intend for this course to be part inspiration, part reality check, part deep dive on what works and what doesn’t. My ultimate hope is that you will find something here that will assist you on your author journey, no matter where you might be in your career. And if you make it ALL the end of this course, I’ll have a special surprise for you! We’ll cover:EndFragment

  • The state of our industry
  • My story and how I went from most rejected author EVER to the New York Times list
  • Authors write books, they don’t TALK about writing—they actually DO it
  • How to write a book that readers want to read (this is the pixie dust!)
  • Characterization and how to create fictional people your readers want to spend time with
  • Bored readers don’t stick. They move on!
  • The most IMPORTANT element in writing compelling fiction…
  • You’ve written the book. Now what? Navigating the maze of publishing options
  • HOW to publish
  • Social media & communicating with readers
  • Ask me anything about anything
  • Input from other successful authors
  • And much MORE!

This course is filled with tips and tricks that will help you find your readers—and KEEP them coming back for more. It also includes a number of special extras that will make this the most dynamic author workshop you’ll take this year! Don’t miss out on this special new offering from an author who knows what it’s like to want to get to the next level, but not how to do it. Let me help. Let’s do this together.

Register HERE today and I’ll send you a PDF that summarizes what we’ll cover in the workshop & FREE access to my Uploading to Retailers Workshop, a $30 value!

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Welcome to the Author Services offered by New York Times bestselling author Marie Force and her team. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to get your indie career off to a great start, including workshops, formatting, consultation and even publishing opportunities through Jack’s House Publishing, founded by Marie in 2016. Let us help you make your entrance into indie publishing as smooth and painless as possible!

Marie on taking the plunge: “If not now, when?”


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"Marie is so down-to-earth and reachable you'll almost forget she's this immensely successful author until... she shares with you her knowledge, insight, and experience. There are no gimmicks or quick fix in her suggestions. She helped me look at my writing career not just as the endless sum of short-term goals but as a long-haul flight.” —Marion Croslydon, Contemporary Romance Author

"This has been an amazing workshop. I am so grateful that you take time to share your experience with other authors. Ever since I decided to go the self-publishing route I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the process to build my business plan. I have been building my resources and you are the gold standard of resources for me. Thank you so much for this workshop and all your efforts to help other authors.” —Author Elizabeth Spaur on the Writing Multiple Series Workshop

Marie on being an author: “Back before anything good ever happened in my career, the only thing I knew for sure was that if I gave up, it would never happen. So I never gave up.”