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Write Your Way to Readers Who Stick

This two-week intensive workshop is designed to cover the ins and outs of being an author and how to attract readers who stay with you throughout your career. This course is part inspiration, part reality check, part deep dive on what works and what doesn’t. We’ll talk about the state of the industry, my story and how I went from the most rejected author *EVER* to a bestseller, what works for me—and what doesn’t, the secret sauce to make your books addictive to readers, what’s important in the author life—and what isn’t—and much more, including early access to my 15 Tips to Write Your Way to Readers that Stick AND a critique of the first three pages of your work in progress. Is your opening grabbing readers who’ll stick? I’ll let you know! My ultimate goal is that you will find something in this course that will assist you on your author journey, no matter where you might be in your career. This is the second time I’ve offered a course that talks about HOW I write and delves into the tricks of the trade that have helped me to succeed. I want to share those things with you. I’ll even include a marked-up copy of book 1 in my most successful series to show you the things I think worked to bring 3 million readers to that series. If you’re feeling frustrated or unhappy with how your writing career is going or even if it’s going well but you need a little boost to keep you motivated, this course is for you. I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE! I get it. I can help you find your way through the maze. Join me for this all-new workshop and we’ll figure it out together! If you make it ALL the way to the end of this course, I have a special surprise for you! As a special thank you for registering, I’ll send you my Uploading to Retailers Manual absolutely FREE! Register today, and let’s get you writing your way to readers who STICK!
Skill level: beginner to intermediate

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The state of our industry
  • My story and how I went from most rejected author EVER to the New York Times list
  • Authors write books, they don’t TALK about writing—they actually DO it
  • How to write a book that readers want to read (this is the pixie dust!)
  • Characterization and how to create fictional people your readers want to spend time with
  • Bored readers don’t stick. They move on!
  • The most IMPORTANT element in writing compelling fiction…
  • You’ve written the book. Now what? Navigating the maze of publishing options
  • HOW to publish
  • Social media & communicating with readers
  • Ask me anything about anything
  • Input from other successful authors
  • And much MORE!

This course is filled with tips and tricks that will help you find your readers—and KEEP them coming back for more. It also includes a number of special extras that will make this the most dynamic author workshop you’ll take this year! Don’t miss out on this special new offering from an author who knows what it’s like to want to get to the next level, but not how to do it. Let me help. Let’s do this together.