Workshops/Speaking Engagements for Authors

Bring Marie to your group either through a remote online course or in person. Contact her directly about speaking engagements and workshop opportunities.

“Finally! Someone willing to share the secrets of her success! Marie answered every question, for three straight hours, and covered everything from social media and promotion to the changes in the publishing industry. So many of our members walked away energized and ready to write. We’ll definitely invite her back to Austin!” —Sloane Calder, President, RWA Austin Chapter


“Marie’s Self-Pub 101 is chocked full of information, hints, suggestion and advice for writers at all levels. Generous with her knowledge, Marie shares her own experiences and expertise to help writers decide if self-publishing is for them and how to get started.” —Terri Brisbin, VP, RWA Valley Force Chapter

Upcoming Author Events

Events scheduled in 2019:

  • April 20: In-person visit to the Las Vegas RWA Chapter. (author event)
  • June 14-15: Save the date for the Sixth Annual Reader Weekend in RI! (reader event)
  • Sept. 7: Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Convention in Denver, CO (author event)
  • Sept. 21: RARE London in London, England (reader event)
  • Sept. 28: RARE Roma in Rome, Italy (reader event)

Events scheduled in 2020:

  • Save the date for the Kickin’ it in Key West Author Event in Key West, FL. More details coming closer to the event.

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