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Virtual Workshops for Authors

Marie Force is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 contemporary romance and romantic suspense books and has sold more than 5.5 million books. Her success has come by being willing to try new things, remembering the value of exceptional writing skills and learning how to run a business. She offers virtual workshops for you to learn more about self-publishing, writing and how to succeed in running your business.

Marie’s Virtual Workshops have a new look! To better serve student’s needs, these workshops are now available in an online platform that you can work through at your own pace, viewing your progress and posting comments in one conveient location. 

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Self-Publishing 101
Once you embark on a career as an independent author, you are no longer just a writer. You are now officially a publisher and business-owner! With that comes all the responsibilities of a publishing company, including editing, formatting, cover art design, distribution decisions, pricing and promotion. Marie will review the ultimate to-do list for your self-publishing business.

  • “The workshop provided enough new-to-me information and sharpened my “eyes” for the business to the point that I hit pause on two projects that were queued to go. Will apply what needs to be applied and only then, will said projects be returned to the queue.” —Michelle Monkou on Marie’s Self-Pub 101 workshop
  • “In a moment of such uncertainty, your workshop has empowered me for a very hopeful and exciting future. This has been THE most enlightening seminar to date for me regarding self publishing.”—Quinn Langston on Marie’s Self-Pub 101 workshop
  • “You provided a clear overview of self-publishing from a ‘day in the life of a self-pubber’ perspective that I found fascinating and invaluable. You had the data to backup your viewpoints and you shared your experiences and insights with candor and clarity.” —Amy Olle on Marie’s “Q&A: Ask Me Anything” Workshop
  • “I considered myself somewhat knowledgeable about self-publishing before I took Marie’s class. When I finished the course, I realized how little I really knew! Not only was Marie a great and accessible source of information on all things self-publishing, but hearing the experiences of my fellow classmates was incredibly helpful as well. I had a lovely experience, and I highly recommend Marie’s classes to both beginners and experts alike.” – Marianne Knightly on Marie’s Self-Publishing Workshop
  • “I found your workshop to be a phenomenal source of accessible, helpful information—by the end I was not only prepared, but enthusiastic and confident about my self-pub debut.”—Melanie Greene on Marie’s Self-Publishing Workshop

Preparing for Success 
With so many authors hitting the big time with their books, success management becomes an issue. How do you know when to incorporate? Do you need an accountant? What about taxes and assistants and all the other challenges that come with not only writing great books, but also running a successful business? New York Times bestselling author Marie Force has been there, done that, and will share what she’s learned.

  • “My respect for Marie Force is enormous. She’s eloquent and explains things in such a way so you can grasp it easily. Everything from increasing your insurance to hiring a reputable accountant, I found this workshop informative and straightforward. Thank you, Marie. I’m signing up for your next course.”—Arlene McFarlane

Writing Multiple Series
Many authors are jumping on the series bandwagon, as well as diving into multiple genres and pulling out their dusty backlist for publication. Managing multiple titles, series and genres can be somewhat overwhelming without a clear strategy in mind. As the author of four New York Times bestselling series currently at various stages, Marie offers some secrets to keeping multiple balls in the air at the same time. This topic will be useful for authors who have several titles to manage and are looking to grow their following.

  • “Seriously, Marie’s advice to reread previous books in my series really gave my current project a jump-start. I’m forever grateful.”—Tamara Hogan on Marie’s Writing Multiple Series workshop

15 Most Common Errors New Authors Make
Data dumping, point-of-view and blocking—oh my! Are you starting in the right place? Do you understand the basic rules of point of view? Is your story not quite making the grade with agents or editors or even worse, readers? You could be making one or more of the 15 most common errors new and aspiring writers often encounter. Join New York Times bestselling author Marie Force as she leads you through the fifteen common errors and helps you apply the lessons to your work in progress.

Uploading to Retailers
With so many options for distribution, one of the biggest decisions for independent authors is where they should upload and distribute their books. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google, CreateSpace and many other venues are available for distribution, all with their own set of quirks and limitations. This workshop contains the information you need to navigate the uploading process smoothly.

  • “Every time I have a question, I refer to your modules and—BOOM!—there’s the answer!” —Author Ann Christopher
  • “It was definitely the best money I’ve spent so far. You were like a little virtual angel perched on my shoulder guiding me through the sites.” —Betsy Horvath

Audiobook Production through ACX 
The audiobook audience is growing and, when produced properly, can generate revenue and bring new followers to your work. But how does the self-published author get into audio and what are the keys to production and distribution of your audiobook? This course will highlight the steps to successful audiobook publication through Amazon’s ACX platform. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Marie’s assistant Julie has produced more than 20 of Marie’s self-published audio titles and has become an expert on this area of the business. She will guide you through every stop in the process.

You Need an Assistant. Now What? 
You’re a published author but can’t seem to find the time to write anymore. You’re running a business, managing social media, keeping your finances straight and managing releases, but how do you find the time to write the next book? You’ve reached the point where you can’t do it all alone anymore and need to find qualified help. This course will outline a strategy for how you can find the best team to support your publishing business so you can get back to what you do best—WRITING.