Fatal Mistake


Book 6 in the Fatal Series

When Willie Vasquez, the Washington Federals’ star center fielder, makes a critical error in game seven of the National League Championship Series, he ends the team’s World Series bid and its Cinderella season. An angry city descends into riots, and when the flames are extinguished, Vasquez is found murdered. Lt. Sam Holland and her team are left to unravel a twisted web of motive. Was it a disgruntled fan, a spurned lover or a furious teammate? At home, she must deal with her heartbroken adopted son Scotty, one of Vasquez’s biggest fans.

As Sam’s investigation takes her in unexpected directions, her husband, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, is fighting for his political life in the final days of his re-election campaign after financial irregularities are exposed that could threaten his relationship with his mentor, retired Senator Graham O’Connor.

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E-Book: 978-1426895647
Print: 978-0373002719